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Generation Freedom SmartZone

Creative Technology for Creative Education

Unwired-Planet’s vertical market education solution, known as "Generation Freedom", balances student and faculty demand for advanced technology infrastructures with universities' and colleges' budget restraints. The solution also enables increased collaboration among students, faculty, administrators and the community at large.


Unwired-Planet’s wireless networks allow schools at all levels to provide a wide range of applications across their facilities without expensive rewiring, giving students and staff access to benefits, such as e-learning, voice communications, and high-bandwidth Internet access, to enhance learning, improve administration, and enhance research efforts. Unwired-Planet’s technology helps schools build stronger infrastructures, transform education, and enhance administrative efficiency and academic excellence.


Using Unwired-Planet’s IP Communications and wireless networks to integrate data, voice, and video, schools can cost effectively implement Internet enabled classrooms, improve access to educational resources on or off campus while meeting technology needs, reducing complexity, and improving reliability. Unwired-Planet’s Content delivery networks and IP-based video solutions can help schools connect remote students to on-campus learning resources, contribute to improved curricula, and enable classroom-to-classroom collaboration and access to off-campus experts.


For further information please contact an Unwired-Planet Sales Professional at sales@unwired-planet.com