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Life Line SmartZone


Lifeline SmartZone is helping revolutionize healthcare!


An Unwired-Planet medical-grade network connects all stakeholders in the healthcare system to a single information and communications infrastructure.  The paperless revolution is here. 


Increase productivity and enable the secure and effective distribution of health records. An ID and time stamp is created each time a record is accessed or a process is completed, building an ongoing electronic history and timeline.  Create a single view of the patient by accessing and sharing information across clinics, labs, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare organizations.  This information transfer saves time, whether it is time spent looking for X-rays or tracking lab results.   A LifelineSmartZone can reduce hours from little things such as ordering medications or completing blood work. 


Eliminates the cost and delays associated with traditional film imaging. Reap the full benefits of a digital imaging system to quickly and easily share images.  Physicians can have wireless access to external sources of medical information as well as full X-ray images, which enhances patient care.  

Unwired-Planet has created the Lifeline SmartZone with both patient and clinic in mind.   


Unwired-Planet Lifeline SmartZone will result in three dramatic benefits!              
              1. Improved Patient Care
              2. Reduced Costs
              3. Saving Time and Resources


For further information please contact an Unwired-Planet Sales Professional at sales@unwired-planet.com