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Beach Side and Beyond SmartZone

Unwired-Planet's hand-held computers, telephony appliances, and wireless LANs allow users to roam un-tethered throughout hotel facilities and properties, with real-time access to critical information when and where it is needed. Hotel associates and guests can access a wide range of information, applications, and computing resources, without worrying about connectivity.


Beach Side and Beyond Smart Zone technology will help increase profits and improve customer service by increasing operational efficiencies and adding valued services to guests. Attract and keep key corporate clientele by allowing Unwired-Planet to create the ultimate convention facility environment. Unwired-Planet allows hospitality operators to WiFi enable both their guests and staff faster and less expensively than any other solution on the market.

Additional benefits specific to the hospitality industry include:

  1. Rapid deployment in days not weeks
  2. Lowest cost of deployment for complete hotel coverage
  3. Equipment blends into background and won’t ruin aesthetics
  4. Wireless mesh backhaul significantly reduces operating expenses
  5. WiFi enables both staff and guests using same infrastructure
  6. Provides indoor and outdoor WiFi coverage from outdoor-based equipment eliminating guest disruptions for deployment or servicing
  7. Highly scalable, from single-building coverage to entire campuses

The Unwired-Planet wireless mesh solution delivers all this over a wide area with fewer nodes and no indoor wiring. With fewer, more accessible nodes to manage and maintain, the ongoing costs of maintenance are also reduced. And, with end-to-end network management, the system can be maintained remotely and without disruption to hotel or network operations. The result is a wireless mesh network architecture optimized for hotel environments.


For further information please contact an Unwired-Planet Sales Professional at sales@unwired-planet.com