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Community SmartZone

An Unwired-Planet Community Smart Zone brings instant credibility to any municipality. This cutting edge technology will improve operational efficiency, help control costs, and increase collaboration to help council members meet their varying objectives and requirements. Unwired-Planet’s outdoor mesh networks provide limitless opportunity for any community. Unwired-Planet’s wireless mesh solutions support the delivery of voice, video and data services.


Community Smart Zones are interoperable, responsive, and resilient solutions that help communities improve safety, increase services, foster educational excellence, and facilitate economic development.


Unwired-Planet has the solutions to keep your community on the cutting edge of technology.


Unwired-Planet Networks delivers the only complete and compressive wireless mesh solution for metro or municipal network deployments. Our solution offers the lowest cost, highest performance and the best migration path. The wireless mesh solution was designed specifically to meet the needs of large wireless network deployments.

In a municipal network deployment, the Unwired-Planet solution can deliver low-cost data only coverage or multiple, high-capacity networks that can be custom-configured to meet public and private service and application needs. Unwired-Planet solution delivers the network bandwidth to handle multiple simultaneous connections for high capacity data, voice and video services.

Benefits of the Unwired-Planet wireless mesh architecture for community deployments include:

  1. Lowest cost to highest performance deployment options and the industry's best migration path
  2. The ability to support carrier-class capacity, coverage, multiple services and associated service levels
  3. Highly scalable: expandable on a large scale without the need for excessive new wiring or exponentially more access points
  4. An outdoor-based solution designed for long-term outdoor deployment

For further information please contact an Unwired-Planet Sales Professional at sales@unwired-planet.com