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Going Beyond SmartZone

Just as retailers have responded to customers' needs for better services and accessibility by establishing Web sites, consumers are changing the rules again, demanding access to services through wireless, mobile devices. Retailers can adopt this technology to gain and maintain leadership position by developing a dynamic, open and scaleable strategy.


Unwired-Planet’s Going Beyond Smart Zone makes this transition seamless for any retailer, no matter the size. Unwired-Planet’s Intelligent Retail Network helps streamline business operations, improve supply-chain visibility, accelerate decision-making, and enhance the customer experience. Benefits associated to store automation include secure, reliable access to the most current data and reduction of credit card authorizations time which helps reduce operating costs, increase sales, and improve productivity.


Technology savvy retail owners stand to save millions of dollars with a Going Beyond Smart Zone. A secure wireless infrastructure enables speedy access to pricing, inventory, supply chain, merchandising, and other critical data; helping reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and gain market share. Unwired-Planet can create a dynamic store environment with effective advertising, digital signage, in-store broadcasts, and employee e-learning while creating new revenue streams, reducing costs, and improving staff productivity.


Unwired-Planet’s Going Beyond Smart Zone creates an intelligent foundation for RFID networks that helps improve productivity, increase revenue, and lower costs by enhancing information visibility and optimizing business processes.


For further information please contact an Unwired-Planet Sales Professional at sales@unwired-planet.com