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Unwired-Planet SmartZones Smart Technology for Smart Business Owners!

The term SmartZone was coined by Unwired-Planet and is the equivalent to an intelligent area.

A SmartZone from Unwired-Planet includes a wireless network, an Internet Protocol communication server, and custom designed applications specific to the business need.


Unwired-Planet’s SmartZones and SmartTools can be customized to fit any environment.

Community SmartZone for indoor and outdoor municipal applications,

Beachside and Beyond SmartZone developed to serve the hospitality sector,

Going Beyond SmartZone for the retail industry,

Life Line SmartZone serving the Health Care industry,

Generation Freedom SmartZone for educational campuses, and

Business Freedom SmartZone for corporate facilities.


Unwired-Planet’s SmartZones are highly scalable and operator friendly. They allow network operators to quickly and easily build wireless networks for public Internet access applications such as E-mail, Web surfing, Instant Messaging, and Corporate VPN access. They can also be used for closed and private wireless applications such as Corporate VPNs, Security and surveillance, operations messaging and tracking, and file and printer sharing. Today, security and speed are the key elements in connecting to networks, computers, servers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), phones, and other specialized gear. Unwired-Planet’s offers the finest wireless solutions in the industry.